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Drive Belts...

Drive Belts...

Postby JKAndrews95 » Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:02 pm

Right, the other day (Thursday 11th) I was riding with my friend, he was behind me, and luckily I was on the road I live on, on the way home just down the road a bit though.

So, going down the road 30mph my scooter (Piaggio Typhoon 125) makes a clunk, feels like the engine pulls back, then cuts out, so I indicate over to pull up as it didn't sound too healthy. As I pull over and my friend does he mentions that black was kicked from the back of my scooter, but didn't know where, he said it couldn't be the exhaust because of the angle it kicked out. Now I recently checked the oils and topped them up a little, but I am still thinking that it could be the engine ceased or something because when I tried to push it after a little it was getting harder to push.

Now that story is over here is the next little bit of information, I purchased this scooter brand new from Philip Youles (Bury New Road) and I picked it up on my birthday (September 10th) so the scooter was actually 10 months and 1 days old on the day this happened. And bare in mind these have 2-years warranty on them.

Now once it is home I, my dad and his friend have a look around it, and realise that the drive belt has snapped, here is the next bit Philip Youles say bring it down tomorrow (which would of been the 12th) and on the phone they said they won't be able to look at it until the 1st of August...? So I take it down the next day anyway, and they say the snap of a Drive Belt isn't covered under the warranty...this is the part

What are your opinions on "the snap of a Drive Belt isn't covered under the warranty" - The scooter is just over 10 months old, and has covered just over 6000km, I don't think myself that a drive belt should snap after only 6000km as in the service manual it says at 12,000km the drive belt is to be replace so I am only half way there...

A drive belt doesn't cost much yes, but the labour of fitting it does. Sorry for the big story behind it all. But really what do you think about the fact my warranty doesn't cover the snap of a drive belt on a 10month old scooter and the fact it has snapped at only 6000km

thanks, Joshua

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Re: Drive Belts...

Postby Grizzly » Mon Jul 15, 2013 7:37 am

I used to work for a car dealer and for items of the 'final drive' to be not covered under a warranty is pretty much the norm. Admittedly though, you would really expect the belt to last longer than 6000km's and I would be tempted to mention to the shop you bought it from that you are new to biking, have plenty of friends who also ride and then 'suggest' that if it were done either free or very cheap that you would be likely to still use them and not find another dealer in future! I have found in the past that if a dealer wants to keep a customer loyal and possibly gain some more, they are more likely to 'bend the rules' slightly.


However, as I am a mechanic, I'd have just fitted a new one myself.

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Re: Drive Belts...

Postby JKAndrews95 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:47 pm

Thanks for the reply and the information. And I'm happy you agree that it shouldn't snap at only 6000km and well it's not the first time it's been in the shop for stupid things, it used to cut out on my whilst turning...quite dangerous because sometimes cars were oncoming, but yeah it's been in a few times and we are really disappointed in the shop and most likely wont be using it again.

And yes, I was thinking of fitting it myself but then it will void the warranty I hear? I'm not too sure, but they told me the warranty is void before the first service yet they still serviced it so I don't have a clue with them? Quite stupid to be honest.

Much rather buy privately than shops, too much hassle...

Thanks for the reply
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Re: Drive Belts...

Postby Rob1965 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:40 am

There is always a catch.......One would think that their Reputation (customer service) would cover this?
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Re: Drive Belts...

Postby Paul » Thu Jul 25, 2013 6:48 pm

Fitting a new belt yourself will not invalidate the warranty provided the new belt is an original part. Manufacturer warranties are no allowed to stipulate who must do the work as that's "Restraint of Trade". But they can insist any parts used must be original and that the work must be done according to their instructions.

But as has been mentioned, I'd lean on the dealer and hope he does the honourable thing...
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