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Motorcycles suitable for the new test rules post Jan 2013

Motorcycles suitable for the new test rules post Jan 2013

Postby Paul » Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:36 pm

I've been doing some research on bikes suitable for the new category A test post January 2013, and when the minimum weigh limit for test bikes of 180kg comes in at the end of 2013.

The old Homda Hornet is typical of bikes that fall foul of the published rules, as it has a manufacturer's quoted weight of just 176kg (dry). The test requirement is for "kerb" weight, so I asked for clarification from the technical team at the DSA. This is the official response from the deputy chief examiner:

"Based on the information you have provided the Honda Hornet, at 176Kg dry weight, will be suitable for the Category ‘A’ test post the 19 January 2013.
From test purpose’s the weight will be taken as that of a machine parked at the side of the road ready to be ridden, therefore includes the weight of fuel etc which, when added to the manufactures dry weight, will ensure it meets the 180 Kg requirement.
This approach will be applied to all machines being considered suitable for inclusion within the category ‘A’ group.
We do not see the need to have every individual machine checked and listed, a commonsense approach will be applied in implementing this rule which was introduced to prevent extremes being exploited.   "

So now you know. Best to check the bike you intend to use is suitable...

(the new Kawasaki ER6N Rob has bought for RJH is above the minimum weight and on the DSA's list)
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