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Beat the Train fare hike with a Motorbike

Beat the Train fare hike with a Motorbike

Postby Rob1965 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:45 pm

The recently announced 4.1% train fare rises, soaring petrol, parking and road tax costs plus increasing traffic congestion mean that today motorcycles and scooters offer commuters significant benefits in time, money and effort.

With rail fares due to rise yet again and the Government’s commitment to further inflation busting rises in 2014 and 2015 campaigners say rail tickets are becoming increasingly unaffordable as price rises outstrip wages.

And it's not as if these rises will guarantee a seat or a better service with Network Rail’s own figures confirming that nearly a third of all trains ran late in 2011-12 – the same figure as in 2009-10. This, despite successive over-inflation fare increases every year in between. Costs are rising, delays aren’t getting any better and as a result commuters are losing out in terms of both time and money.

The problems facing rail users are not new to Britain's road users who for some time now have been having a raw deal. Fuel price increases as well as road tax hikes have meant ever increasing cost of ownership for many. And as if this wasn't enough Transport for London recently released a report confirming that traffic using ‘A’ roads during rush hour is moving slower than in previous years due to rising congestion.

Researchers found the average UK driver spends five hours and 44 minutes behind the wheel each week - but an hour and 56 minutes of that is spent sitting idly in traffic. This adds up to eight hours – an average working day – every month.

With the average commute being greater than 8 miles the government's drive to get more people onto bicycles and cycling to work will do little to alleviate the issues on rush hour roads either.

However there is light at the end of the tunnel. Motorcycles and scooters offer an attractive alternative. Benefiting from greater average mpg figures than cars, commuters on two wheels are making dramatic savings on their weekly fuel bill. Some 125cc models are returning over 130mpg including the country's top selling 125 the Honda CBF125 which can average an astonishing 160mpg. More good news is the fact that 125cc machines can be ridden from the age of 17 and generally require just a single day’s Compulsory Basic Training before you are allowed on the road. Added to this road tax of just £17 and often free parking its no wonder so many are turning their backs on cars and public transport in the fight to get to work.

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